Materials Collected


We originally received 7 taped analyses, varying in length from 95 hours to 1050 hours. These analyses were carried out by two analysts: six by one analyst. The total hours available were 3518. Since then, we have collected approximately 15,000 more recorded hours of several analyses and psychotherapies, mostly by one analyst, and we have been lent some recorded materials by a few other researchers. The collection we now have is much the largest in the English language. A catalog of the cases is available.

With adequate support and continuing search for additional cases, we expect the number of cases can be expanded considerably. This is most desirable because studies comparing the contribution of the analyst, the patient, and the way a particular patient-analyst pair work together would benefit from having many more than a handful of analysts’ work available for study. This is the particular focus of the coordination described in section 12 below.

One of the analyses, 324 hours long, has been completely transferred onto computer disks. (TOP)