Under Revision

For over thirty years, members of the Psychoanalytic Research Consortium have been endeavoring to understand how we might improve the efficacy of psychotherapeutic work, and what particular types of conversations help our patients. The unfolding of these efforts is captured by a number of our publications, listed in chronological order and annotated here, in this first link.

In addition to work by the PRC, other researchers have also conducted important work on aspects of how psychotherapy helps patients with a range of emotional difficulties. Thus, a second link here leads to published research studies by others. Due to the increasing breadth of research on the psychotherapeutic process, we cannot provide a fully comprehensive bibliography. Instead, we point to a few, select studies that have led to meaningful and well-recognized advancements in our field.

No doubt you will find reference to many of these papers throughout this website. You can access these pages from our main menu above at any point. We hope to continue to add to the full breadth of research knowledge about the process by which psychotherapists help their patients. Therefore, we will continue to add to these two annotated bibliographies of our own and others’ research as time goes on. The hope is that our website can function as a nexus, to inspire new questions and new ideas, and thereby better help our patients.